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Medical Certification Intro
Date: 2011/03/21
UL 60601
UL 60601 is the U.S. national standard for safety testing electrical medical devices. UL offers the most convenient and efficient classification service to UL 60601, which includes lasers and EMC that can be delivered locally via our own test labs where customers can witness their tests. The UL Mark is the most recognized mark for demonstrating compliance with OSHA requirements in the United States.
EN 60601
EN 60601 is the standard of European Union applies to the safety of medical electrical devices which serve to diagnose, treat or monitor patients under medical supervision and which are in physical or electrical contact with patients and/or transmit energy to or from the patient and/or display such an energy transmission to or from the patient. Included herein are several stipulations for a reliable operation concerning safety aspects
IEC 60601
IEC 60601 is the international standard applies to the basic safety and essential performance of medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems. IEC 60601 is the global benchmark for medical electrical equipment and many companies view compliance with IEC 60601-1 as a requirement for most markets and product registration like CE / UL / CSA mark.
IPC-A-610 Class 3
The IPC-A-610 - Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies is the most widely used standard published by the IPC with an international reputation as the source for end product acceptance criteria for consumer and high reliability electronic assemblies.
IPC-A-610 Class 3 is for high performance electronic products. It includes products where continued high performance or performance-on-demand is critical, equipment downtime cannot be tolerated, end-use environment may be uncommonly harsh, and the equipment must function when required, such as life support or other critical systems.
ACROSSER for Medical Solution
Medical machines usually have special demand and be monitored by strict and high-level standard. ACROSSER offers ideal embedded solutions for medical applications and has successful cooperation with medical customers from laser dental machine, point of care machine, medical ventilator and etc… Moreover, ACROSSER’s products have passed the Design Verification Test (DVT) includes the shock, vibration, ESD, and high-low temperature tests. ACROSSER can help you to pass the UL / EN / IEC / IPC certification by outstanding products, rapid technical support and long term experience in medical industry.
POS/KIOSK/Digital Signage/ATM
Console server
Extended Temperature
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